What This Is About

Hello everyone. This is the first post for this blog. I will begin by talking a little bit about my past. Just like many people out there, I was once lovelorn. I craved being in a relationship with someone, but I could never achieve this. Then one day, I eventually figured it out. I reached a point to where I no longer had any trouble finding a girlfriend.

Next, I will go and explain a couple of the reasons why I had so much trouble with getting a date. First of all, I am an extremely shy person. Being able to go up to someone and talk to them has always been a major challenge for me. Second of all, I am on the autism spectrum. I could not pick up on social cues like how many people typically could.

This leads into the purpose of creating this blog. I understand there are many others who seek to be in a relationship but are finding it very difficult to even get a date with anyone. This will allow me to help those who are seeking love.

Although this blog may be more directed towards helping those on the autism spectrum, it is definitely not limited to helping those on the spectrum. I understand those not on the spectrum may also have trouble seeking love and they deserve just as much help as everyone else.

Many of the posts will be about dating and relationships. Even though there are some which may not be fall into this topic, it can still be connected and helpful to those who are seeking advice.