How To Not Feel Lonely and Depressed On Valentine's Day

For those who are lovelorn, the worst day of the year is coming up. Yeah, it is that one day where everyone celebrates being together while many others get depressed about being single. It is the 14th day of February, Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, it sucks being lonely while watching everyone celebrating being a couple. Like many out there, I resorted to Google to find out what things people will do to overcome this lousy feeling. For some people, February 14, is Death Metal Day. On this day, the people who are celebrating listen to death metal music all day. I have a huge amount of heavy metal music in my collection, but not a whole lot of death metal specifically. However, it was enough for me to celebrate. While watching everybody celebrating their love, it did feel nice listening to obnoxious music with lyrics giving detailed descriptions of people being dismembered, tortured, disemboweled, etc. Even though it felt nice, something still felt empty inside me.

For the last several years before I got into the relationship with my girlfriend, I finally figured out how to not feel lonely and empty on Valentine’s Day. The big secret is just don’t give a fuck. To me, Valentine’s Day was just another ordinary day for me. While everybody was celebrating their relationship, I was just going on my normal routine. I no longer felt depressed on the 14th day of February. I know this may be counter-intuitive, but it is well worth it. 

There is one additional benefit to being content or happy on Valentine’s Day when single which may not be obvious. Being happy when single will make someone much more attractive than being sad and single. This mentality is one of many things that had a girl chasing me two years ago. This girl later became my girlfriend. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that the best way to handle Valentine’s Day when single is to have this day just be another ordinary day.